Buyer's Agent

Using a buyer's agent is absolutely in your best interest. There is sometimes a mis-conception that buying direct from the listing agent is in a buyer's best interest. That is usually not true as the listing agent has already agreed to represent the seller and is legally bound to work in their best interest. We would  be happy to represent you as a buyer's agent and help you:

  • Find your dream home within your budget
  • Negotiate the best fair price for that home once we've found it
  • Make sure all contracts and processes are done correctly and legally
  • Introduce you to other local professionals that we trust and that will help protect your best interests from offer to close (local inspectors, real estate lawyers, contractors, etc.)
  • Generally help make it a smooth transaction for yo an your family
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Seller's Agent

Using a seller's agent is absolutely in your best interest when selling your home. Selling a home is emotional and using and agent will not only help you price, market, and sell your home quickly and efficiently but will help take some of the emotions out of the transaction. Your focus should be on moving your family to a new home, not dealign with the transaction of selling your current home. As listing agents here is how we can help:

  • Prepare a comparative market analysis which is an in-depth look at the comparative sales and trends in you hyper-local area
  • Once a piece is set we will market your home locally, regionally, and nationally across various media outlets to garner the most interest possible
  • Help prepare your home by staging it and suggesting any minor work that will help sell your home
  • Perform all open houses, showings and field all questions from potential buyers and buyers' agents
  • Help negotiate the best price for your home possible
  • Help to make your home sale transaction and your move smooth and comfortable from start to finish

Buyer and Sellers' Agent

Although only in very rare situations do we feel comfortable acting as buyers and sellers' agent in the same transaction as that is a conflict of interest (see buyer's agent paragraph), we often times help sellers both sell their home and then find the next home to move to. This can be tricky as closing dates need to be coordinated and often times buyers and sellers on both sides of your home sale your next home purchase are not that flexible. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are in this position and how we can help:

  • Usually it is best to list your home first under the agreement that your home sale is contingent on you finding a new home
  • Once a suitable new home is found, make your home purchase continent on the sale of your current home
  • There are creative ways if a short period of time is needed in between transactions and we can help present the best creative solution depending on the situation
  • We can help coordinate all these details and try to make sure this "domino affect" is smooth for all parties on all sides with your best interests in mind

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