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Marblehead is a quintessential New England costal town. Located on a peninsula just sixteen miles north of Boston it's a convenient commute to the city but secluded enough to enjoy the serenity of the town on a daily basis. Many people call it a "destination" town as you would not typically drive through Marblehead to get to any other destination on the North Shore.

Marblehead was originally settled in 1629 as a commercial fishing town and has a rich local and nationally recognized history. It was officially incorporated in 1649 and has since served as the birthplace of the American Navy, played a role in the revolutionary war, and has always had a strong fishing and sailing community. Even to this day you find fisherman bringing in their hauls daily to the commercial docks in town and sailors from all over the world enjoying the scenic and ideal sailing conditions in the Summer.

It is a special place to visit but an even more special place to call home. Today the population of town is roughly 20,000 so it is very much still a quaint suburban town where neighbors know each others names. There are families who have been here for generations and other who have just recently discovered this hidden gem of a town. New to town or generations deep, it is a town that many are proud to call home!


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